Meeting with my Doctoral Supervisor

Meeting with my Doctoral Supervisor

So I recently skyped with my doctoral supervisor again. We hadn’t spoken for a while while I was working on my first draft of the thesis, but we’ve now moved onto a new stage of our working relationship as we review and make changes to my first draft. This is going to be a lot more intensive than our previous meetings – we are looking at weekly meetings so that we keep reviewing and editing the work in question. Here’s what we talked about:

1. Dialogues of Citizenship and Digital Technologies.

Despite having this in my original thesis title, I haven’t really addressed this beyond the idea of film-making. My supervisor suggested that I read more widely about some of the issues at stake here – principally, he suggested that I read the works of people like David Gauntlett and Christian Fuchs, who have both written about Social Media and CyberActivism. This is a relatively new and interesting body of work – there have been characterisations of slacktivism, hacktivism, armchair activism, sock puppetry. My supervisor suggested that I needed to investigate whether these debates are relevant to my own work.

My first thought was that, of course they were. My work is definitely related to the issues of ‘making is connecting’ as part of engaging with digital life. I was conceiving of an understanding of young people as ‘makers’ – this idea of making is intrinsically linked to being an active citizen. By ‘making’ things, young people are engaging with issues that are important in their lives.

My supervisors suggested that I add a new chapter – ‘New literacies, new citizenships.’

2. Australian Critical Pedagogues

I also have a section in my work about Australia Critical Pedagogues. But in that section, I really only talk about Kathryn Choules. More realistically, this section would be better placed under the heading of ‘Critical Pedagogy in High School’ because that’s what it really focuses on.