2014 – Plans for this Year

2014 – Plans for this Year

So, 2013 is dead and gone, and another year has rolled around. I’m fairly certain – but of course it could just be that famous Heggart morbidity – that it’s normal to feel sad at the thought of another year passing, with lost opportunities and so many hopes and dreams unfulfilled, but I find that I am coming to treasure every single moment that I have; it’s like there is a rushing voice at the back of my mind warning me that time is running out, and it’s running out quickly!

Enough of that macabre sentiment. Let’s talk about what 2014 is all about, and what it means. I’m going to put down some of my personal and professional goals for 2014.


  1. Organise the Heggart Meet Up in Beechworth in April.
  2. Health and Fitness – more than 250 workouts over the course of the year. Use Jawbone Up to monitor. Averaging more than 10000 steps per day and 7 hours sleep per night.
  3. Holiday with Liz – Sailing in the Whitsundays.
  4. NANOWRIMO again.
  5. RFS – attend regularly, complete VF, finish MR Licence.
  6. Continue with Duolingo.
  7. Continue with Treehouse.


  1. Continue work on literacy and numeracy, esp Learning Walks, Data Walls and FOCUS lessons.
  2. ADE meet up in Dallas.
  3. iPads in McCarthy.
  4. Premier’s Teaching Scholarships.
  5. Coding Club
  6. Politics Club
  7. Ignite Conference.


  1. Complete Draft 1 of Ph D.
  2. Complete paper with James A.
  3. Present at 2 x conferences.
  4. Complete individual paper and get it published.
  5. RSA Conference.

Only a few things to worry about, then?