Ignite Student Leadership Conference

Ignite Student Leadership Conference

Recently had the chance to work with a stellar group of young men and woman. All in year 8, they put together and prepared a student leadership conference for other young people in the area. They had put together the program, invited special guests, sorted out catering and devised a whole program of workshops and lectures. In the end, they had 2 x keynote speakers, 8 x workshops and more than 80 guests in the school. It was a fantastic effort.

The reason I’m writing about this, though, was not about their fantastic efforts – although that is worth a blog posting by itself. Instead, what I was most intrigued about was the way they worked to pass resolutions. This was the final part of the conference, and students were asked to report back from each workshop they had attended. Then, the whole conference decided which three resolutions were so important.

The resolutions that were passed in the end were:

1)      That the federal government needs to commit more funding to renewable energy research and infrastructure.

2)      That the federal government needs to advertise the diverse roles performed by the Australian Defence Force in order to boost recruitment.

3)      That the education department needs to consider ensuring that the Hospitality curriculum reflects the different roles involved in hospitality, and not just food preparation.