My school goals for 2013

My school goals for 2013

So, another school begins. You might think that I’ve jumped the gun a little bit, with more than a week of school holidays still to go, but that’s not the case – today was the first day back for the exec at my school. To be honest, I haven’t really stopped working at all during the holidays, and I know I’m not alone – for teachers, there’s always something more to do, another lesson to plan, another excursion to organise and so on…

Anyway, that’s not what this blog post is all about. I thought that it would be important to set out some goals and plans for the coming year in regards to my work at school. Of course, I have  a whole bunch of other possible topics for goals this year, related to health, travel, finances, RFS and university, but I’m just going to focus on my personal goals for school.

1. To establish FOCUS as a viable and well received program, including influence upon the whole school, journalling strategies, carefully planned lessons, differentiated instruction and regular, important feedback.

2. To continue to make changes as necessary to the administration of the school to improve its efficiency. This will include moving more of its working online, making use of GAFE, and other technological solutions. This should also include updating detention, the weekly bulletin and other policies and procedures.

3. To continue to establish more effective use of technology in the school, including GAFE, McMoodle and other Apps.

4. To further develop the capabilities of staff regarding pedagogy, teaching and learning, data analysis and feedback and understanding.